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Project Management
At ARH Jurukur Bahan Sdn Bhd, we can provide Project Management service through our associate company ARH Project Management Sdn Bhd to clients for the procurement of construction projects.

Project management may be defined as the overall planning, control and co-ordination of a project from inception to completion, aimed at meeting a client’s requirement in order that the project may be completed on time, within authorized cost and to required quality standards.

Our services add value to our clients’ development procurement processest.

The Project Manager, both acting on behalf of and representing the client, has a duty to provide a cost-effective and independent service correlating, integrating and managing different disciplines and types of expertise to satisfy the objectives and provisions of the project brief from inception to completion.

ARH Project Management Sdn Bhd has an excellent track record in project management developed from construction industry-related professional disciplines. Our trained staffs have experience at various levels of responsibility (such as Project Manager, Project Coordinators, Project Administrators and Employer’s Agents) in addition to providing a comprehensive support service.
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